robinI truly value how art can be a means of connection between people. I believe in making art every day, and the excitement of the creative process itself.

My own artwork feels adventuresome to me and I want to share with you some of my creative explorations! I enjoy playing around in my sketchbooks and art journals, and sometimes even on index cards.

On this page I’ve put some pieces of my art in “boxes.” Click on a box to open it and see what’s inside. These are for you – print them out and use as you’d like in your own journals (or in mail art, and send me something!)

Mail Art

I’m experimenting with mail art as a way to share art with others in a tangible way. I love the egalitarian spirit of people sending and receiving art all over the globe, simply through the everyday postal system–mailbox to mailbox. The idea of mailart may sound random but I also find it meaningful.

Right now I’m working on a project. My goal is to create at least 365 pieces of mail art in about a year. That’s a lot of mail, to a lot of people.

Would you like to send or receive some art in the mail? Write to me or leave a note via the Contact Me page!

I also invite you to visit my Blog. And thank you very much for stopping by.


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Robin Jeree Mail Art
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