Ron DiCianni: Painting the Resurrection

Ron DiCianni: Painting the Resurrection,  is a news piece about a work commissioned for the Museum of Biblical Art/The Biblical Arts Center in Dallas, TX. This short video shows DiCianni’s huge painting as he describes its elements, offering us a different depiction of the resurrection than we may have ever seen before. More of his art is at

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go to the museum, get comfortable on a nearby bench, and just pray and meditate on the scene and the characters, the details and the skill? Do you have a museum where you like to get away to and gaze, maybe a favorite room or a favorite painting? The beauty of art can draw us in, and inspire us to pray…if we let it: stop, be still, see, and speak from the heart.

These images are other works in the Dallas museum’s collection. Click to see the museum website:

The Museum of Biblical Art / The Biblical Arts Center

God’s Yellow Pages

“Let your fingers do the walking through the Bible”

A fun and helpful website from Divine Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Garland, Tx. You may have received this in an email. It makes a great prayer resource. Check it out! at Here are a few “pages”:

Where to look when:

Christian virtues & character:

Prayer Teas

Have you ever thought about hosting an afternoon tea and prayer group? Gather your teacups and saucers (coffee mugs too), and your friends or new acquaintances. Enjoy some tasty teatime treats, and prayer time afterwards. You can center the prayer on a specific theme such as missions, or personal requests, or the support of any cause. See Women : We Pray : We Live for more ideas and inspiration!

The Scripture Tree

Spring–birds singing and trees in bloom (like this beautiful one at left.) Click here to see a colorful, flowering, spring- green tree with a scripture hidden in each blossom! You can send the tree to others via personal e-cards, each with a message tailored to the occasion or someone special. When the tree comes up on the page, click on a flower, close that one and click on another–very sweet. (You can mute your computer’s volume if you prefer quiet instead of music.) Enjoy, and have a blessed day!

Stretch and Pray

“In this Stretch and Pray DVD, Murray D. Finck brings us the benefits of daily stretching and quiet prayer. On the physical level, you can be more active and energetic. On the spiritual level, these poses can deepen your prayer experiences. Pastor Finck will guide you through forty gentle stretches, movements, and postures to improve your physical and spiritual well-being.”  –As reviewed in

Haiku Prayers

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry composed of three independent, unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables (morae). The word we use to refer to this type of poetry, Haiku, is actually the plural form of "Haiku||haikai verse." It is a modern term made popular by the poet Masaoka Shiki in the 19th century. Haiku traditionally reflects some aspect of nature, often contrasting a pair of images, but not using metaphor. It is designed to lead to spiritual insight that deepens over time as one meditates on the verses. So, it can be a form of prayer! Enjoy composing your own Haiku. They don’t need to be perfect, they’re personal.

The oceans roaring
I hear the Lord whispering
The Almighty God

Storms power so great
All of nature’s forces heed
The Creator speaks

God hears my prayer
The Lord of heaven’s army
Victory, peace, calm

Grasses withering
Beautiful flowers fading
God’s Word eternal