Robin Jeree

Hello, and welcome to my art website! I truly value how art can be a means of connection between people. I’m a watercolor and mixed media artist, and I usually work spontaneously with an intent to create a piece of communication in some form. I believe in making art every day, and the excitement of the creative process itself.

My own artwork almost always feels experimental to me. I want to explore the use of pattern, visual texture, layers, transparency, texts, scripts, maps, and mixed media mark-making.

I enjoy playing in my sketchbooks and art journals, and sometimes even on index cards. I often distribute my work in the form of mail-art or journals.


I experiment with mail-art as a way to share art with others in a tangible form. I love the egalitarian spirit of people sending and receiving art all over the globe, simply through the everyday postal system–mailbox to mailbox.

The various aspects of exchanging created items through the post is part of the art itself. The idea of mail-art may sound random but I also find it meaningful. It’s a creative act of connection.

Right now I’m working on a project. My goal is to create at least 365 pieces of mail art in about a year. That’s a lot of mail, to a lot of people.

Would you like to send or receive some art in the mail? Write to me or leave a note via the Contact Me form!

My Art For You

On this page, click on a box or picture to open it and see what’s inside! These images are for you to print and use as you’d like in your own journals or mail art.

I also invite you to visit my Blog. And thank you very much for stopping by!


Robin Jeree
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