Gifts from God

When I was a girl, sometimes I could chose for myself what to dream about each night. I’d imagine a TV set (they way they were back then–beige, boxy and awkward with big dials and a flailing antenna). I would turn the channel chooser dial in my mind, tuning it at will to the “show” I wanted to watch. Yeah, sure. Easy.

I think art and prayer are somehow like this. But not necessarily easy, and not channeled by TV either! There is an aspect of setting one’s mind and attention, listening and watching. I believe beautiful prayers, and beautiful art, are gifts from God.

Not only the prayers, but prayer itself is a gift from God, who invites us to come to Him, speak with Him, ask Him, share with Him from our hearts. Whether a prayer be one memorized, one repeated with others, one without out words but full of feeling, one of imagery or sound–prayers arise from our hearts and the Holy Spirit within us. We are invited to communicate with the LORD God! And the LORD speaks to us in prayer, and in the scriptures, and through the church.

In one sense, prayer is fascinating, unfathomable, mysterious. And yet, in another sense, prayer is as familiar as daily conversation. But it is always a gift. Thank you God, for giving us prayer.

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