Journaling Journeys – LifeJournal


I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world. ~Mother Teresa

One of my all-time favorite quotes. If our lives are stories written by God, they are unfolding both behind us and before us and others as we go along in life. It can be rewarding to reflect on and record the journey of your life story by

  • writing to others about our experiences, or
  • writing to ourselves privately about our deepest thoughts and feelings, dreams and goals.
  • writing to God in prayer.

The journaling process can answer a lot of questions and aid in personal growth, as well as provide an outlet for things like letting go of the past, pent-up emotions, rehearsal of important conversations–and creativity! If you haven’t tried art journaling before, give it a whirl. You don’t need to be an artist to express yourself visually in any way you choose.

The benefits of journaling (in whatever form!) are nicely summarized by the creators of LifeJournal in “Why keep a journal?” — including research studies and testimonies.

What about journaling via the computer (online or using some kind of journaling software)?

Even if you are an avid art journaler, take a look at something like LifeJournal. LifeJournal offers a free trial of 15 entries, and I’m going to check it out. Using LifeJournal Online or LifeJournal for Windows, a journaler can:

  • Write securely and privately, journaling within feature-rich entries.
  • Be inspired with prompts and quotes to see new perspectives: your journaling becomes more consistent.
  • Track your health or energy levels; hours slept or miles walked (create your own scales)–a unique journaling tool.
  • Search and review your diary entries effortlessly by topic, date, journal type and more.
  • Remember your past and create your memoir, as memories surface.
  • Understand your life better by making connections and gaining insight.
  • Customize your diary to make it YOUR OWN journal program.

The Add-Ons like the ones listed below are available to customize your LifeJournal. “An Add-On consists of dozens of Prompts, hundreds of selected Quotes, 50 Tips, extra Topics in the Topics List, and suggested default Daily Pulse Scales and Journal Types.”

LifeJournal is designed to inspire you to write, to organize your writings within the context of your life, and track your journey. I could see this as an interesting compliment to art journaling. A description of features reads:

  • Search using Journal Explorer to find and review passages about yourself, your family, your relationships, your colleagues, your reading, your travels, your prayers, and your goals.
  • Record your “Daily Pulse” to track areas such as your faith, contentment, charity, and purpose as you grow in your Christian Life.
  • Use the Timeline tool to set goals, record achievements, and track important life events for yourself and other important people in your life.
  • [With the Christian Add-On:] Feel inspired by prompts including quotes, theology references, Bible verses that offer food for thought for writing or prayer. Track your prayers and the Lord’s answers.

For art journalers who like to photograph their work, here is what I think could be the most exciting potential of LifeJournal:

Use the Timeline to Create a Visual Display of your Life! Create a visual display of your past. Construct your autobiography as memories surface….Commemorate significant events in your life with photographs, audio and video files, and Life History entries.”