Embrace What God Says About You!

Who knows you best? Something fun to try: have you ever asked your friends to list 3-5 adjectives that describe you? What about family, what would those closest to you say are your strengths, your greatest gifts? This can be a great confidence boost when you need some encouragement.

We all struggle with lack of self-confidence at times. Especially in times of transition, we can lose sight of who we are, and this can be unsettling. Who can help us most when we need a reminder?

In the Bible, Psalm 139 is a beautiful description of Who knows us best–God! the One Who created us–our Father in heaven. If you are a believer in Christ, the Bible has even more to say about who you are in Himfacts to focus on when you need a lift.

What we really need is not more confidence in ourselves, but confidence in God and what Christ has done for us, confidence in what the Bible says is true.

“Dear friend, when you don’t embrace in faith what God says about you, you’ll find you lack confidence in God – in His unconditional love, in His help, in His desire to use you. When your attention turns to self-pity, shake the dust from your past, and move forward in His promises.”

-Encouragement from Kay Arthur on Facebook

♥ Action: Read through key Bible verses each day this week, and pray that God will show you more about who He is and who He has created you to be.

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