Inspiration: Start With Gratitude!

Praise Live Your Days In Praise

Knowing what you are thankful for is a powerful starting point for inspiration. Making note of what you are thankful for today, this month, in the past year, or throughout your life, is a refreshing foundation for living a life that you love. Have you ever tried making a gratitude list of absolutely everything you are grateful for? or maybe keeping a daily list of a few things you’ve been thankful for at the end of each day? Here are some ideas:

  1. Pray to the God and thank Him for the blessings in your life. You may like to pray from the Psalms or other beautiful Bible passages, or poems that express what you feel
  2. Make a list, keep a diary, record them in a journal, whatever will help you to remember God's gifts to you
  3. Tell others! Some fun ways to share the things you are thankful for are:
  • Put them in writing to post at home, in the office, at church, wherever you think would be a good spot. Why not? You never know what may inspire or give someone else hope
  • Talk with others! Get together with your spouse, a friend, a small group to tell and pray about what you are grateful for
  • Have a weekly family "thanksgiving time" to celebrate and give thanks to the LORD for what He has done that week. Model for your children an attitude of gratitude
  • Send a note of appreciation, a quick email, or make a phone call to someone who has particularly blessed you
  • Send them to us here! Make a list, send a prayer of thanks, whatever you like. We will only post with your permission.
  • Make a collage or create artwork to express, represent, or communicate your thankfulness. Decorate a hallway or room with a set of meaningful images
  • Check out Good List Daily "What Are You Grateful for Today?" — a very cute site where you can post the ten things you are thankful for each day

Being grateful is something we often have to make a conscious effort to do, but it is always worth it, and a great habit to develop. Ask God to give you a grateful heart, and see what He does!

♥ Living Gratefully and Graciously

How do we live out a life of thanksgiving?

  • Remembering the God's forgiveness, His grace, and His gift of salvation to us, by sharing the Good News and being gracious to others
  • Forgiving others and asking for others to forgive us
  • Sharing what we have and giving from our resources–time, money, home, possessions, knowledge
  • Being with Others and using our gifts and talents to bless them and bring glory to God
  • Being with God in prayer to the Lord, thanking Him for answers to prayers, and putting new requests before Him on behalf of others
  • Worshiping God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, for Who His Is and what He has done.

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