Inspiration to Open the Door

I pray that this post is deeply inspiring to you, whatever you are experiencing in your life right now. I want to share from my heart today a bit about my personal life, journey and passion for the work I do as a life coach and educator. I’ve been inspired by a book I’m reading with some friends, entitled Open the Door by Joyce Rupp.

I went through a period in life when I experienced the sequence of a major illness, depression and the loss of my husband through divorce. There were times when I felt like I was just going through the motions, it was diffucult to relate with people in a deep way, and I questioned God. I tried to remain strong but on the inside I was lost and scared. I wanted to let go of my past and move forward, but had no idea how. I yearned for direction, meaning and purpose, to make sense of my life.

It seemed hard for me to connect with God, but one day I remember praying as urgently as I knew how–begging Him to forgive me for my past, laying every single life event before Him, and yearning for Him to make something beautiful out of it all. I really wanted God to take me in, to speak directly to me, to guide me. I was very much like a homeless woman banging on His door. He answered by showing me His immense love, caring and protection.

Over the next two years, He led me back to His glorious truth, His great plans, and my passion. I completed some important personal counseling that was very healing, and then I sought life coaching to continue my journey. Through the process of working with a coach, God showed me the gifts and talents He has given me, how He has molded me and shaped me, and unfolded a new vision for my life that would bless others and glorify Him.

I had to get honest–What do I really believe? Is it the truth? Who is God? Who am I? What am I here for? What can I do differently? What life do I want to lead?  

Facing a deep question like those above is like standing before a door. Sometimes we shy away from opening those doors because we fear what we’ll find, or we tell ourselves we are too busy to enter in and spend the time there, or we walk on by thinking that’s for other folks–I’m just not the type.

These questions matter, they are powerful doors. They can lead you forward into a whole new space. The passage through can be life-changing. 

With all my heart I invite you to open a door. . . step over the threshold, and look around. Don’t be afraid, and don’t feel a need to hurry. Take the risk to explore, to search, and see what you find. Every moment you spend will yield tenfold. Ask yourself those searching questions. I decided to move from my background in mentoring and mental health, into the field of life coaching to help others, and I love what I do.

In that dark time of my life, every answer I uncovered was a seedling of hope, a renewal of my heart and spirit. I look back and think what a beautiful time, I understand more about how God was working in me and in my life. There is now abundant fruit! God did not waste any of my pain, but turned it into something beautiful. He even takes our mistakes and failings, and recycles them into perseverance, character, wisdom, compassion, and other blessings.

It’s as if, when God opens that door, and we open our hearts to God, we embark on a journey. We eventually find ourselves in a lovely garden, and realize we’re home.

We’re all on this journey called life, and it can be beautiful and meaningful no matter where and what it takes us through. You don’t have to do this alone. I’m here to encourage you. And God surely has and will place others in your life to encourage you. Most of all, He can speak to you in very personal ways to encourage you and lead you. Hear His message of hope and good news.