Experiencing Burn-Out? How to Relight Your Fire

Sometimes we as women reach a place in life when we feel we don’t have that spark anymore, we’ve lost our energy, and we feel just burnt out. “Burn out” can seem like a dark and dead place, and the phrase itself is very descriptive. The image is of a candle being spent, a fire dying out, a snuffing of that flame inside us that once fueled us with a sense of passion or purpose.

If you feel this way, I have good news for you that can spark renewed hope. This can be a time of opportunity for you. There is a source of power and passion that’s an ever-present and never-ending flame. If you can imagine presenting your heart to God like a little candle, and asking Him to touch it, to enter in and to rekindle the flame of life inside of you, He will hear your prayer.

Here is what I pray is most inspiring for you today: You do not have to manufacture this fire on your own, it’s not something you have to conjure up day to day from your own reserves! Because of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection to life, you can have new life in Him and the Holy Spirit living within you. Ask the Lord to light up your heart, and watch to see what He does. You can seek Him for this fire anytime you need, it is always there for you.

If you need faith in this, ask God for it and you will receive it.

Action: Take a special moment to pray and light a candle today to symbolize rebirth and hope for the future.