HereToEncourage Creating and Cultivating

 HereToEncourage provides hopeful, refreshing life coaching and fun classes for women and groups via a supportive, inspiring and restoring approach full of compassion and creativity.

"I love to help women who have been through hard times and need a lift, to explore or rediscover who they are and who God is, to rest and revive, to enjoy a fulfilling life and to live it well on a daily basis. 

"Together we focus on your innate strengths, core values, dreams and passions to find your life purpose no matter what your circumstances. It's truly a gift to explore your true identity, renew the real you, and live a life based on what really matters. The process is a big boost to your overall wellbeing. The outcome is for you to design your days and create a life you love that is rich, meaningful, healthy and balanced.

"I work in a healing and affirming way that restores your natural creativity and engages your sense of adventure. Women report gaining clarity and feeling more grounded, hopeful and empowered. It is such a gift to see the deep changes and transformation in their hearts and lives. 

"Contact me for a complementary consultation and mini-coaching session!" -Coach RJ