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Hearts Encourage♥ Inspiring and Celebrating Hope with Compassion and Creativity

Encouraging and supporting women to live a life they love, to live it well with faith and purpose, to see the evidence of God's grace at work in their lives, and to share their LifeStories and hope with others, heart to heart!

♥ Welcome!

HereToEncourage offers a variety of services, programs and resources to inspire, encourage and equip women to think in new ways, heal, live well and love it. The heartfelt purpose is to encourage women to find a sense of meaning and hope again, be refreshed, move ahead with a clear sense of direction, and enjoy a life that's even richer and more beautiful than what they'd hoped–a life of love, for the glory of God and the blessing of others.

Sometimes life can bring such hard times–a broken relationship, separation or divorce, a sudden or chronic illness, a personal battle such as an eating disorder or addiction, a major loss, a crisis of faith, or other difficult challenge–but hard times can bring us to new heights. See a description of services below. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Visit the Contact page for more information, it's a blessing to hear from you!

For Women

♥ Gospel-Centered Life Coaching

achieve healing, balance and wellbeing

thrive through transitions and stay grounded

be certain of God's love and plan for you no matter what your circumstances

know what the Bible says about who you are and Who God is

identify your spiritual gifts, personal strengths and passions

discover and celebrate God's purpose for you

know and live by your values to create a life you love

clarify your daily mission and vision

focus, organize and simplify

enjoy personal support and prayercare

♥ Creative Classes

encouraging growth groups

recovery: revive and thrive

the five stages of recovery

wellbeing workshops

living well and loving it!

cultivating a life of love

♥ Interactive Online Education

dynamic and engaging coaching websites

private discussion forum for clients

informative blog posts and newsletters

fun virtual café coffee talks

convenient teleconferences and webinars

For Organizations

♥ Individual and Group Training

DISC: team building and effective communication

life coaching concepts and principles for:

counselors and social workers

wellness coaches and health educators

ministry teams and church staff

mentors and lay leaders

♥ Innovative Events and Concepts

on site exhibits and wellness fairs

church meetings or special events

conferences and workshops

personal or group retreats

♥ Custom Publications and Writing

research-based and targeted to your audience's interests

copy for newsletters or blog articles

reviews of chosen books and resources

resource searches and recommendations

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