About Coach RJ

Hearts Encourage♥ About Me

I received Christian life coach training with Christian Coach Institute, a program certified by the International Association of Coaching (IAC). My additional training includes mental health recovery, peer support, Wellness Recovery Action Plans, courses in Biblical Counseling, Belief Therapy, and Exchanged Life Ministries.

I'm not a licensed counselor, but I am a Certified Christian Life Coach, a Certified Human Behavior Consultant and a Certified Peer Specialist. I draw from this formal training and other knowledge and resources to deliver coaching programs and other services including support groups, workshops, and classes. 

"What I really love to do is cheer people on, help them to see their strengths, celebrate the value of their life, what would be meaningful to them. And then watch them live it out!"

♥ My Background

I earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, and then an MA in Education and an MA in Sociology from Stanford University. I have experience in non-profit administration, social services, university level education and human resources. Some of my current interests are creativity and wellbeing, applying the Five Stages of Recovery through major life transitions, personal spiritual revival, and techniques for people who need to simplify their lives to find rest and balance. 

[Interesting facts: Robin loves to visit local cafes and coffee shops. She taught ballroom dancing and yoga and has traveled around the world on a ship! She enjoys interacting with people of all cultures and backgrounds. And she goes hiking or wanders through museums whenever she gets the chance.]

♥ My Favorite Jobs

I have enjoyed working for an online mentoring program for women college students, for a drop-in center providing mental health programs, and for a non-profit organization offering a teen-operated hotline for teens. I conducted training for the Missouri Department of Mental Health and other organizations such as Self Help Center as a program director, peer specialist trainer, support group leader, and mental health educator. These were such fulfilling positions and lead me to start my own coaching and training business.

Tree Heart♥ What I'm Doing Now

My current involvements include Christian life coach training for Christian Coach Institute, curriculum and program design, educating adults in principles of wellbeing and wellness, recovery coaching and building upon peer support principles. I'm also a writer/editor for various projects. I lead groups and individuals to create Wellness Recovery Action Plans, provide workshops and exhibits at health fairs and conferences, and outreach to churches. I like to stay active in women's and singles ministries. I'm excited about the True Woman movement!

♥ How To Contact Me

To get in touch with me, send me a note using the form on our Contact page. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I love to receive your comments, inquiries and prayer requests! -RJ, Editor and Coach

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