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We love to hear from you, whether you’re a client, a new guest (welcome!), or a longtime fan. For fun, I’ve listed some questions for some food for thought: enjoy! You’ll see ♥ heart-to-heart questions in red like this throughout this website and in the Fun Questions category at right–join in the discussion! Thank you for participating. Be Encouraged, -Coach RJ

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  • Day by day, would it look like?

“I’m ‘Here To Encourage’ you in Creating a Life You Love….The adventure starts here, together. Explore, enjoy and be blessed!” -Coach RJ

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2 thoughts on “Guestbook and Comments

  1. ….It was clear right away that RJ has a God given talent in coaching. I was in a place in my life that I was physically, emotionally and spiritually drained. Throughout the coaching process, RJ’s energy and thought provoking questions helped me to dig deep into my heart in search for the root issue causing the drain. It became evident that my focus had somehow shifted away from God and it became my desire to shift it back. RJ gave me encouragement and held me accountable during this process. I still struggle with the drain at times, but I have found my true laugh again and find myself much more joyful than before. My time with RJ was a blessing and I would encourage everyone to take the opportunity to be coached even if you don’t think there is anything wrong in your life. What you discover will amaze you.

  2. During our first coaching session I was very unsure about the direction I wanted to take with my marriage. Through coaching sessions and homework assignments that required introspection, RJ helped me to hear the voice of the Lord and to move forward with His plan of reconciliation and restoration of my marriage. Now my husband and I are able to communicate in ways that build up rather than tear down our marriage and family. RJ is an excellent coach… I don’t think I can get enough of her wisdom and coaching expertise. RJ, continue to boldly share the vision and insight the Lord gives to you!

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