Christmas Card Prayers

I love getting Christmas cards. I save my favorites every year, and display them all around the house during the holiday season, some of them framed, some in a basket, some on shelves, or some in the shutter slats.

There is one special card that I received from a friend one year that I want to share. She is a woman who is a survivor of incredible circumstances, a woman who truly knows the Lord as her Rescuer, and the Protector of her very life. Knowing what she has endured, her Christmas card meant all the more to me:

“Jesus The Faithful One

The confidence we have…

the trust we hold…

the hope we carry…

rest in His faithfulness. 

Every promise He has made He purposes to fill. He has the authority to accomplish all He has spoken. His power is limitless… His character changeless… His love endless!

May you experience His faithfulness and love during this Christmas season and all the coming year.”

Jesus is the Savior whose birth we celebrate this month. He is not just the sweet baby in the manger. He is our faithful, powerful God. Thank you C for that beautiful card! -RJ