Life Purpose Coaching

HereToEncourage Creating and Cultivating ♥ How Do You Make the Most of Your Life?

♥ Grow With A Coach!

Coaching offers you a personal relationship with a caring, supportive coach who walks alongside you to keep you motivated and on track living this adventure of a lifetime, no matter what your circumstances are!

HereToEncourage coaching and programs inspire you to approach life revived, feeling refreshed and renewed, grounded in hope and faith, thriving in your strengths and a enjoying a deeper sense of purpose and peace. 

Coaching is about encouraging you to live a life you love and live it well with the gifts you've been given–a rich life of faith, purpose, hope and joy–that is a beautiful gift to others.

♥ Encouraging You to Live Well and Grow

Learn more about who you are as a person and love who God creatd you to be:

♥   Remember Your I.D.    ♥   Treasure Your Values    

 ♥   Envision Your Vision    ♥   Make It Your Mission    

♥   Pursue Your Purpose    ♥   Use Your Uniqueness

♥   Indulge Your Interests    ♥   Celebrate Your Success    

♥   Give Away Your Gifts

♥ And Celebrating Your LifeStories

Coaching is different from counseling or mentoring. Coaching challenges you to dig deep, to know God, to seek God's plans for you, to make powerful choices based on what is most meaningful, to take you down new and better paths. God has given you a creative mind and His truth–you can live an incredible LifeStory.

You’re invited to a free coaching session and consultation to learn more! Just send Coach RJ a quick note via the Contact page. It would be my pleasure to talk with you!

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