Creating and Cultivating A Life You Love!

HereToEncourage Creating and CultivatingOk, Imagine Your Life is a Garden 

…and you're the gardener!

You were created by a Creator God for creativity! How do you create and cultivate a life you love? Try tapping into your innate creativity–everyone has it in them, really! Take a few moments of quiet time to completely relax and pray or meditate. Visualize all that is important to you. You may want to make a list, draw a picture, cut out and combine images or words together for a collage, or just journal your thoughts. Use the following questions as a guide and have fun. This is just the beginning of the power of your creativity!

  • What words would describe your life garden?
  • What things would you plant there?
  • What is hidden away? what is in full bloom?
  • Who would you invite to visit or to help you?
  • Who could teach you, where couild you find tips?
  • How would you keep the soil rich and watered?
  • What would it be like to create new paths?
  • How would  you prepare your garden for a new season?
  • How would it feel to make space for something different, more beautiful?
  • What would you need to do to keep things healthy and growing?
  • What would you want people to enjoy about your Life Garden?
  • What do you hope would always be there…even after you're gone?

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