Prayer: Adventure of a Lifetime

Hearts and People♥ We Never Adventure Alone

We know that God hears us
We have a loving Heavenly Father
We have the best coach, Jesus
We have the best guide, the Holy Spirit
We have nothing to lose, everything to gain

We worship and praise God
We keep our eyes on Him
We confess and forgive
We receive His grace
We help and serve
We leave a trail
We keep going

We hope
We believe
We have peace
We travel lighter
We lay our burdens down
We share the burdens of others
We see God's answers to our prayers
We watch the miracles He works in our lives
We know Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life

Prayer brings us closer to God
Prayer gives us hope and joy
Prayer takes us to the cross
Prayer lightens our load
Prayer encourages us
Prayer protects us
Prayer equips us
Prayer frees us

We trust
We try
We sing
We cry
We laugh
We wait

We go to new places in our spiritual walk
We see new things in new ways
We keep our eyes on God
We think differently
We listen to Him
We are honest
We change
We grow

The Road

We go the distance. Sometimes we take baby steps. Then we walk, and soon we run. But at times we crawl, we limp or we stumble. But there is always God's promise to sustain us, God's hand to lift us, God's arm to steady us, God's love to heal us. There are dark times, when we can't see or we're afraid. But there is hope and assurance when God lights the way and shows us the next step, when He makes our path level and straight. Wherever it may take us–ups and downs, mountains and valleys, deserts and gardens, droughts and storms, rest stops and lookout points–we can stop, be still, hear God speak, and know He is up ahead.

God leads us
God is with us
We will never be alone
God is behind us and before us
The longer we walk, the stronger we are
Prayer revives us when life tires us
We will never regret the journey

♥ Women, are we ready to live out the adventure of a lifetime?!

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