Hope For All Women

HereToEncourage Creating and Cultivating ♥ Hope: Working Together for a Better Life for All Women

♥ The heart of living a life you love is making the powerful connection between what grips our heart and what other people need the most! This is living a life of love.

Hope For All Women is found in loving relationships (with God and each other) and the joy of giving and receiving: two sides of the same blessing. We've been on both ends and equally grateful. Part of the vision for HereToEncourage is to inspire and encourage women to support each other, carry the message of hope, and help in causes that directly impact the lives of women in the world today, including in our own communities and families. We post info periodically on HereToEncourage.

"Are you impassioned about something you would like to share? Ideas for getting involved, organizations doing good work? Have there been people in yours or others' lives that provided crucial hope and help when needed, and made a difference in your LifeStory? I've compiled the following list.

"In the future, I hope to feature mission trips or service projects for those of you interested in getting together as a group to make a difference." -Coach RJ

♥ Being Aware: Life Issues Affecting Women

Stop SexTrafficking, Literacy Missions, Care for Orphans, Shelter and Safety, Mental Health, Nutrition, Healthcare Access, Education for Everyone

♥ Being Alert: Information and Education

Bread for the World

Focus Ministries

International Crisis Aid

International Justice Mission

Project Rescue

U.S. Center for World Missions

Wycliffe Bible Translators

♥ Taking Action: Ideas and Opportunities!

Give: Donate, pledge monthly, hold a fundraiser

Pray: Join up as a Prayer Partner, hold a special event

Read: Subscribe to an organization’s newsletter or blog

Learn: Study reports, research, books, fact sheets, websites

Tell: Share info with others at work, school, church, conferences

Inspire: Show a movie, give a speech, create a flier, teach a class

Post: Provide links and info on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, etc.

Write: Contact local, state and national government leaders, lawyers

Connect: Network with others through clubs, organizations, online forums

Work: Volunteer weekly, once a year, or full-time for a project or program

Go: Travel on a short-term service trip or stay a long-term missionary

♥ Together We Can Make A Difference!

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