Ultimate in Wellness

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Gift of Life Coaching helps you to see your life as a whole, and in what areas you would like to set goals and grow. Models of wellness usually contain some or all of the following categories. Here are some definitions and examples.

Together we address the following:

  • Which Elements of Wellness most enrich your life?
  • When have you felt the most balance in these areas?


relating with and contributing to one’s family, friendships, organizations, community, culture, etc.


staying active, learning about the body, healthy habits like nutrition, taking care of illnesses, handling stress

Emotional / Mental

being aware of one’s thoughts and feelings, finding balance, communicating in a healthy way


searching for meaning and purpose, knowing God, having faith, worshiping, praying, serving, loving


deriving personal satisfaction/enriching other’s lives from one’s efforts, work, or labor broadly defined


creativity, engaging in mentally stimulating activities of interest, studying, hobbies, projects, goals


living and working in healthy spaces, caring for nature, being responsible with natural resources


having basic needs met, assessing that one’s own financial status is positive, or objective measures of such

  • How are your goals and vales reflected in these areas?
  • Maybe you have some changes to make! Where Would You Like to Start?

The Ultimate in Wellness

Ultimately, many people identify the spiritual dimension as a turning point, or the strongest foundation of their wellness. In terms of belief in a “higher power”, a relationship with a truly existing and personal God can transcend any circumstance, condition, or situation. The writings of ancient Jewish historians and other contemporaries, as well as the Bible Gospels and the letters of eye witnesses, report that Jesus claimed to be God.

They report that He came to earth, lived, died, and rose from the dead to bring forgiveness, healing, hope, restoration, new life, eternal life…Can we just say, the ultimate in wellness?! And nothing can take that away. So the answer often given, is to start by knowing God, and making sure God is in the center of your life, not your Self–specifically, to determine:

  • Have you ever thought about, Who is Jesus Christ and who am I in relation to Him?

Feeding Your Spirit

Engaging in personal or group study, prayer, worship or other spiritual activities influence all elements in a wellness model. These can be so beneficial and even fundamental. God provided these as ways to love us and communicate with us; to outline how we are to relate with others, His creation, and the world; and generally for our growth, strength, encouragement, wisdom, joy, comfort, and peace.

Cultivating a Life You Love and Simply Living in Christ

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