Wellbeing: Foundations

Grow Balance♥ Wellbeing Comes Before Welldoing

Did you know that good coaching is about asking good questions? The following is a discussion of coaching principles and questions to help you think about your life and what you need most to live it well right now. 

♥ What is good for your sense of wellbeing?

♥ Wellbeing is About Recovery

The new focus on wellness highlights the importance of recovery from physical and mental health problems (starting with an understanding of recovery and a belief that it is possible.) Illnesses or traumatic life events and transitions can be times of growth and healing if you know how rest, take care of yourself, and learn from your experience. 

The key to successful recovery and transitions is knowing how to move through the process of change so that it is a time of blessing and renewal. See the Stages of Recovery for more information. 

♥ What does Recovery mean to you?

♥ Where are you in the process of transition to a new life?

♥ Feeling Good

By pursuing wellness and attaining wellbeing, people can recover and thrive in difficult circumstances or transitions. The key is knowing that you have choices, that it is a process that takes time, and that you are not alone. A Wellness Recovery Action Plan can help you stay on track. 

♥ What do you need to most right now?

♥ Taking Good Care

OK, yes we know the importance of good sleep, nutrition, exercise, and preventive medicine? Of course, but most of us need a little accountability in these areas, right? What would you include as essentials and what would hold you accountable?

HereToEncourage life coaching can help you create your own personal wellness plan and help you stay on Your Way to Wellness. But there’s more if we are thinking within the larger context of wellbeing.

♥ What changes do you need to make to take care of yourself?

♥ What difference would these make in your life?

♥ The Whole Picture

As wellness models indicate, the physical-mental connection is only a part of the wellness picture. Achieving goals, big or small, are important to one’s sense of well-being. 

Recovery is holistic (or wholistic). A person may appreciate learning and using stress management techniques. She might feel great relief after a day each month devoted to re-organizing her home. Or she may need help to build a stronger social network, or become more active in the community through a volunteer service project for example.

♥ Being Who You Are and Doing What’s Important

Exploring one’s values and beginning to think in terms of goals is motivating. It is so important for us to examine our beliefs and thoughts because they influence both our feelings and actions. 

♥ What you value the most? What are your passions?

♥ How do you exercise your capacity for creativity?

Sometimes we need help in getting in touch with who we really are, or reminders of who God created us to be. Exploring the idea of a life mission or vision can be so exciting and lead to a purposeful daily life. 

♥ What are your gifts and strengths?

♥ How would it feel to know what your personal life mission is?

♥ Enjoying Life Day-to-Day

Getting involved in a hobby you used to love, or changing careers could both be a significant step towards wellbeing. Helping others, or purposefully practicing thankfulness and gratitude, can be immensely powerful and fill our lives with a sense of purpose and meaning, always promising in terms of mental health wellness and recovery.

♥ What does a good life look to you day-to-day?

♥ How can you be sure to spend your time on what really matters?

♥ The Importance of Reationships

Our lives truly are about relationships:  with God and with others. It’s so valuable to be a part of a community and have the support and intimacy of close relationships with others we trust. This is a core principle of HereToEncourage life coaching and a successful coaching relationship.

♥ Who do you love to be with?

♥ How can they support you on Your Way to Wellbeing?

♥ It’s Worth It!

The truth is, anyone can benefit from these, and many other wellness ideas because we can always grow. HereToEncourage can encourage you on Your Way to Wellbeing! Visit the Contact page. 

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