Today is Global Day of Prayer!

Click here for more information and to join!

Today we celebrate with thousands, millions of others, the 10-year anniversary of the Global Day of Prayer which began in South Africa. See the website for history and other information about this exciting

It’s not too late to join with others in prayer! See the website for the 90 Days Prayer Guide for May 24th – Aug 21, 2010.

“The 90 Days of Blessing follows the Global Day of Prayer as an opportunity for Christians to not only continue in persistent prayer, but to actually become the answers to their prayers.

“This is an excellent opportunity to challenge the youth and children to go to the neglected places to pray and serve. Their nature is to be there where they can make the difference, so let’s join them in becoming a transformation force in our communities!

The Prayer Guide will challenge you to continue your prayer efforts, but also to become physically involved in the places that we normally pray for. This is our opportunity to become vessels of blessing through prayer and action. You are encouraged to adapt and publish the prayer guide given to you in a way that suits your specific needs.”

Volunteer to help organize the next Global Day of Prayer event in your community! Here in our city, we gathered in an arena downtown and experience the power of Jesus’ name as we prayed in a variety of ways, together, silently, with our neighbor, and through worship and dance. It was a powerful, joy-filled time, knowing that our God HEARS! He is a merciful God, a powerful God!

We can make a renewed commitment to prayer, find a local prayer group, and come before the Lord together, united in Christ.

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