Radio Series: When Women Pray

Revive Our Hearts, the radio ministry of author and speaker Nancy Leigh DeMoss, aired a series called When Women Pray. It’s a six-part series, and you can read the transcripts of each broadcast:

Radio Series: When Women Pray

Author and speaker Evelyn Christenson talks with Nancy about how prayer has transformed her life and that of her family and gives us simple steps for teaching others to pray. Click to read the transcript of each broadcast:

There are more of Revive Our Hearts radio broadcasts on prayer. You can  actually listen to some of the broadcasts on your computer, iPod, or other mp3 player. Click on the broadcast link, then look to the upper right corner of the transcript page. Choose an audio format and download (mp3, Windows Media, or podcast.)  Tell us what you think! There are many programs to choose from, including:

  • How to Pray for Your Children
  • The Lord’s Prayer Parts 1,2,3
  • Crying Out

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