The Ultimate Writer

Who Is the Ultimate Writer? Read On…

Studies have shown that recording and telling about our lives can have many benefits, for “tellers” and “listeners” both. What are some ways of doing this? Think about what comes natural to you, or what would you like to experiment with. Leave a legacy!

  • writing
  • journaling
  • diaries
  • blogs
  • letters
  • poems
  • plays
  • essays
  • memoirs
  • timelines
  • geneologies
  • testimonies
  • autobiographies
  • photo albums
  • videos
  • music
  • art

Guess What?

Many of these types of expression are found throughout the Bible. People have written accounts of their experiences, family history, thoughts, feelings, and events of their day in various forms. But most importantly, the Holy Spirit inspired them to write specifically what God has done for them and for others, what He has said to them and to others, and what He has promised to them and to others (and that means us!) It covers thousands of years of history in an intimate way.

Good News and Love Letters

The New Testament part of the Bible begins with the account of Christ’s birth, records many incidents in which Jesus related to people and made an eternal difference in their lives. These are referred to ask the Gospel, or Good News of Jesus Christ. People began talking and writing about these things immediately after Christ’s death, while they were vivid and clear in their minds. God enabled them to remember the truth. Their letters tell of how the Good News of Christ spread, and how to live the Christian life.

The Book of Life

The Bible says that God knows and even delights in every detail of our lives. It includes everything we need for living life in a way that pleases God and brings Him glory. He knows exactly who we are and all about us. If we have trusted Christ as our Savior, God records our names in Hi book. And if this is true for you, your life is not your own, it has been bought for a price (Christ’s death and resurrection) and it now belongs to the Lord! Christ lives in you, and you live in Him, and so you are God’s adopted daughter. He is the author and perfecter of your faith! If you trust in Him, He will lead you down the right path for your life. It’s a journey worth telling.

The Bible is One Big Story

And amazingly, we’re a part of it. Taken as a whole, the Bible explains why and how Jesus Christ is our Savior. There are layer upon layer of illustrative stories and wisdom, the greatest being the parables of Jesus. In a somewhat related way, sharing a story about your life with someone else can bless them and encourage them, and it can bring glory and praise to God. He calls us to remember Him and what He has done! He gave us life, sustains our life, and grants us eternal life. We can tell our LifeStories.

What Has God Done In Your Life?

Would you like to share something about your life or what God has done for you? If you would like to comment, share your testimony, or tell about some aspect of your life when the Lord came to your rescue, please do so on the Send Us Your Story page (short and sweet or longer, visual, written, whatever.) You can remain anonymous if you’d like, and we will only post with your permission. We love to hear from you, and we will pray for you!

One thought on “The Ultimate Writer

  1. this is really inspiring…!

    it reminds of when i was late for my class…
    and had a assignment deadline to meet…
    i still had to gather my survey questionnaires from a friend
    and that would delay my submission… this assignment was extremely important for my term records…
    i was a quite worried… on my way… i happened to spare a glance at a poster on a wall … it said “TRUST GOD”
    it some how made me smile… but i was still a little tensed…
    on reaching class i explained my dilemma to the substitute …
    fortunately… the actual lecturer had taken leave… she wouldn’t have given me extra time. The substitute agreed and gave me an hours time to complete my work… That poster really had an influence… i smiled seeing it because I do trust god… and he did help me… !!

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