New Bridges ESL/EFL Curriculum

Connecting People Through Language and Culture

Interlink Resources has published a an English conversation curriculum for adult speakers of other languages:

Teacher-friendly materials make New Bridges ideal for new teachers as well as seasoned instructors looking for fresh ideas. The curriculum covers English conversation basics and introduces deep and controversial topics. New Bridges can be used effectively anywhere in the world, and has been proven successful in over a dozen countries. It is the only complete EFL/ESL curriculum you can print on the field and is easy to photocopy on A4 paper:

  • Ideal for use in conservative cultures
  • Cost-efficient
  • Field-tested
  • Professionally designed

Our published textbooks are culturally-appropriate for use in conservative cultures and are published in flexible ways to be maximally useful to people in many different contexts. Students frequently express their gratitude for being able to attend our English classes, where they are free to express their opinions and learn new ideas. The New Bridges material is a wonderful solution to your need for excellent, legally-photocopiable English-teaching materials for adults. New Bridges is being used in over a dozen countries. Make your order today and experience the kind of quality that translates into people resources that give back.

You can inquire about the materials or make an order by sending a message to: or call (571) 481-5396.

See the PDF full book review by Lisa La George in the March-April 2010 issue of Mission Frontiers magazine, published by the U.S. Center for World Mission.