Attention Single Women!

HappyDay At this point in your life, do you find yourself "still" single, or perhaps "suddenly" single? Or, maybe you've hit your stride and feel "successfully" single?

In whatever season, being a single woman can be tricky, but it can be deeply satisfying and even more–fulfilling, thrilling! 

We sometimes ponder questions or carry heartbreak that linger in our hearts unspoken or unresolved. How do we find answers, capture God's vision, truly receive and make the most of this gift of living single and free, for the glory of God?

No matter where you are in your life right now, we're Here to Encourage, heart to heart, providing individual and group coaching, support groups, fun classes, resources and more. Join in, and contact us! It's a joy to hear from you.  - RJ, Editor and Coach for