What Is Life Coaching?

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Most people need a quick intro. Coaching is different from counseling or mentoring, with its own models, process, techniques and masteries. In a nutshell, coaching helps you clarify where you are now, where you want to be, how to get there, and overcome what stands in the way. It's an incredible process that leads to hope, motivation, confidence, growth and success.

♥ A Unique Process

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To continue reading, see below for some general articles that explain the art and practice of coaching.

♥ The Profession and Practice

"A true profession has a body of knowledge, certification, research and a code of ethics. Coaching is a growing service profession. I deliver the highest quality service according to the International Association of Coaching certification, IAC Coaching Masteries, and code of ethics." (see the  IAC Ethical Principles) -Coach RJ 

In addition to coaching training, coaches often acquire additional training that informs their practice; however a certified coach adheres to distinct coaching models, methods, practices. Coaches incorporate other skills and training. For example, RJ received training from: 

Christian Coach Institute

Mental Health Recovery and WRAP

Association of Biblical Counselors

♥ Articles About Coaching

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♥ Coaching Organizations

International Association of Coaching

International Coach Federation

The Christian Coaching Center