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Hearts EncourageIntro to ♥2♥ Coaching

An interactive introduction to the ♥2♥ Coaching Process from HereToEncourage! You may submit your name, contact info and questions at the end. -RJ, Editor and Coach

♥ Your Life is a Gift!

How do you make the most of it? Coaching can guide you through the process, as you learn new things, have new insights, and reach new levels. Grow!

♥ Mission

The aim of ♥2♥ Heart to Heart Coaching is to create a trusting and dynamic coaching relationship with you. An effective coaching partnership can help you envision, create and cultivate a rewarding life that you love, that is a gift and a blessing to others. Coaching is about fostering an honest and loving relationship to support you in living a meaningful life, with the gifts you’ve been given by God, for the glory of God, being who He made you to be, doing what He created you to do!
Christian coaching is a ministry of service to the client and is conducted by a Christian coach who is guided by personal faith in Jesus Christ, Biblical principles and prayer. Ultimately, it is the Holy Spirit that works in the heart and life of the person seeking Christian coaching, and so it is powerful and lasting.

♥ Q1: What does a meaningful life look like? What is your dream or desire? Who do you want to be?

HereToEncourage Creating and Cultivating ♥ Encouraging You to Live Well and Grow

And Celebrating Your LifeStories! Cultivating A Life You Love by… ♥ Remember Your I.D. ♥ Treasure Your Values ♥ Explore Your Interests ♥ Envision Your Vision ♥ Make It Your Mission ♥ Pursue Your Purpose ♥ Use Your Uniqueness ♥ Give Away Your Gifts

The ♥2♥ Process

Christian Coaching focuses on you and God. A good coach uses innovative, motivating and practical strategies to help you know yourself well, identify what is important to you, think positively and clarify what you want to do. Christian coaching can help you to live an effective and blessed life according to Biblical principles. This can involve making decisions and the process of change. Coaching is an inspiring, transforming and creative process for both the coach and the person being coached! It’s about encouraging and supporting you to explore options, incorporate what you need to succeed, move through barriers, enhance personal accountability and take action steps so that you can reach your goals, and experience a rich, fruitful, purposeful and joyful life! As your coach, my heart is 100% in this for you.

♥ Q2: Where do you want to go from here? How can coaching help you get there?

♥ Are You Ready?

It will be fun, it will be challenging, it will take work, and it will be worth it!

♥ Description

To help you become more familiar and comfortable with my coaching process, I’ve put together a list of things that describe how coaching works.

♥ Personal Assessments

Coaching starts with learning valuable information about you, using the client intake form, pre-session forms, and individual assessments to uncover your temperament, gifts, strengths, values, etc. This knowledge enriches the coaching process, our coaching relationship, and your success in many areas of life!

♥ Agenda

You set the agenda in the coaching partnership based upon our mutual understanding of your priorities. As your coach, I will ask you powerful questions to help you discover and hold you accountable to this agenda.

♥ My Role

My responsibility is to ask good questions, listen, clarify, encourage, support, motivate, challenge and guide. I will be your interactive sounding board and more! A good coach talks only 20% of the time, so…

♥ Your Role

Your responsibility is to be honest, think deeply, explore, and take the actions necessary to make the changes you want in your life!…I’m here to encourage you.

♥ Sessions

Unless otherwise agreed upon, coaching sessions will last approximately 45 minutes, and take place three times a month with a week off. You will be surprised how much you can accomplish within this structure and coaching relationship.

♥ Q3: Is there a day or time you would prefer?morning, afternoon, evening, day of week?

♥ Structure

I will ask you the tough questions, provide you with focus and structure, support and cheer you on through the difficult times. And, I will celebrate your successes with you!

♥ Flow

The more direct and to the point we are in our conversation the more productive our sessions will be! However, each session will have it’s own pace, and moments of silence are ok. Sometimes those are the most powerful moments.

♥ Fresh Approach

Expect that I will ask and encourage you to experiment with new thinking, fresh approaches and different options or strategies in order for you to grow in the direction you desire.

♥ Feedback

Feedback is welcome and gratefully accepted. If you feel there is something I am doing that is not helpful, or something that I am not doing that would be helpful, please inform me and we will adjust.

♥ Confidentiality

Confidentiality is paramount in the coaching relationship and I will not disclose any information about you to anyone unless permission is granted by you, or it would be against the law for me not to disclose.

♥ Tools

During and between sessions, feel free to mention or share resources, incorporate your own materials, draw from favorite books, and in general use whatever systems, tools or things that help you. We can add to the toolbox of what you already know works for you!

♥ Q4: Do you have any ideas or resources to share with me or for other clients?

♥ To Fit You

The more you feel comfortable to share with me as appropriate, the more I learn about you, and the more effectively I can coach you. For example, if you tell me that you are a visual thinker, or you have a certain habit, or something about a relationship is troubling you, I will have additional information that might be important as I listen, reflect and tailor the coaching to fit you.

♥ Beliefs and Values

My background includes experience in mental health and a very personal faith in Jesus Christ and what is contained in the Bible. That perspective informs my life and my professional coaching practice. However, we will be exploring YOUR beliefs and values.

♥ Your Perspective

You will approach coaching with me from YOUR own perspective, and the coaching will center on YOUR beliefs and values. My role is to help you see, learn, know and grow who you are and what is important to you.

♥ Participation

I openly provide Christian information and resources online for those who are interested. You do not have to share the same values, beliefs and perspective in order to participate in and benefit from coaching or other services. You are free to participate as you choose.

♥ Spiritual Growth

I will address questions or requests for resources according to what you find helpful in the coaching process and in your own growth. This could include Bible study, devotionals, or online classes.

♥ Prayer

If you would like for me to pray for you or with you, I certainly will according to your request.

♥ Q5: Is there anything you would like prayer for at this time?

♥ Support

It is most important that you feel both free and comfortable to choose the level and type of support that is meaningful and helpful to you.

♥ Respect

It is of utmost importance to me and our relationship to show you respect at all times.

♥ Your Wellbeing

Issues that are outside the boundaries of the coaching relationship and my expertise should be taken to an appropriate qualified professional. I will provide resources and referrals when possible. Please feel free to discuss this with me, my interest is in your wellbeing.

♥ Celebrate!

When you feel it is time to discontinue the coaching relationship, a one month notice is appreciated, and gives us time to make sure everything is in place for you to go forth, and celebrate your achievements!

♥ Serving You

If you choose to work with me as your coach, then my goal is to serve you as the best coach I can be for you, at this important time in your life.

♥ A Joy and Honor

It's truly my joy and honor to work with you. Coaching is one aspect of me cultivating a life I love, using the gifts I’ve been given to live a life-changing life that I hope and pray is a gift to you!

♥ Would You Like More Information?

Please provide me with your contact info below, and I will contact you to schedule a free mini-coaching session! Inquiries about other services such as classes, support groups, etc. are welcome too.
- RJ, Editor and Coach,

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