Stages of Recovery

Grow Balance♥ Moving Through Difficult Times in Life

Life can bring some difficult and painful circumstances. Transitions can be hard. But recovery is possible. Recovery can be defined as "the process of gaining control of one's life, and the direction one wants that life to go, on the other side of an illness or trauma, and all of the losses associated with that experience."

In recovery, a person moves from the Impact of the illness, crisis, or trauma, into a journey of hope, growth, and personal revival, conceptualized by Five Stages that represent how the person relates to the sometimes debilitating aspects the illness, crisis or trauma.

♥ The Stages of Recovery

  • Debilitating Aspects of Illness, Crisis or Trauma
  • Impact of the Illness, Crisis or Trauma
  • Life Seems Limited
  • A Spark of Hope
  • Change is Possible
  • Commitment to Change
  • Actions for Change

♥ Hope is Essential

In the context of the Stages of Recovery, Hope is defined as "the belief that one has both the ability and opportunity to engage in the recovery process." 

Hope is essential in moving from Impact or a belief that now one's Life Seems Limited, to believing that indeed Change is Possible. That spark of hope can come from a variety of sources, including personal prayer, Bible study or a special scripture, encouraging words from a caring compassionate friend,  a book or article, a website, a support group, meetings with a pastor or counselor, education about the illness and treatments, other people's testimonies, or glimpses of a new dream or mission in life.

Certainly, believers in Christ can do all things through Him who gives strength, and the same power which raised Jesus from the dead is at work in them. The Holy Spirit is living within them and counsels them, and the word of God in the Bible is living and active and powerful. There is not doubt that Christians have the ability and opportunity to embark on the road to recovery.

♥ What Can Help?

  • Life Coaching
  • Peer Support
  • Belief Therapy
  • Biblical Counseling

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