Christian Faith Questions

Many women exploring spiritual beliefs find new meaning and purpose. HereToEncourage welcomes women of all faiths and backgrounds who are interested.

♥ If you have questions about Christianity or are wondering…

♥ What's "the Gospel" or a "relationship" with Jesus Christ?

…then you might like to visit these links:

TheStory_Cover Read The Story, a neat little online book 

The Hope Behind HereToEncourage, RJ's personal account

Discover the Gospel on

The Alpha Course: Explore the Meaning of Life – fantastic and fun!

I Am Second (personal stories and testimonies), and:

Steps to Life from
Two Ways to Live from

♥ What are some outlines of Christian Beliefs?

…then you might also want to read these historical summaries:

Apostle's Creed

Nicene Creed

Westminster Catechism Shorter & Longer (1647)

Heidelberg Catechism, and other documents found here

Lausanne Covenant (1974)

Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy (1978) and

Cambridge Declaration (1996)

…and compare those with Statements of Faith put forth by various organizations:

Christian Coach Institute Discovery

Westminster Confession of Faith

ECFA Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (our web domain and hosting company!)

…and of course, a copy of the Bible.

♥ Is there any question I shouldn't ask?!

Absolutely not. All questions are OK, encouraged, and worth asking! Feel the freedom to talk, think, explore. You are welcome to use the Contact form if you would like to send me a note or a prayer request. -Coach RJ

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