Who You Really Are

What Does God Say?

If you have yet to place your faith in Jesus and what he did on the cross for you, think about it. We all will live eternally, either with God now and forever, or painfully without Him now and forever. If you are a believer in Christ, you were made alive, a new person, forgiven and free.

Do we really understand that as believers, we are adopted Sons and Daughters of our Father in heaven? And that He has granted to us and amazing inheritance? Learning what all this means is exciting, and foundational to living our lives with purpose and passion. It is essential to understand and live out the gospel (this incredible good news.)

Here are some sound, well-recommended courses from World Harvest Mission:


“Live the theology you believe! Many of us understand the faith intellectually, but our hearts have not quite kept up with our heads. Sonship is designed to help you take some of the glorious theological truths of the gospel – truths that you may know in your head – and apply them to the nitty gritty reality of daily life.
You’ll find that as the gospel re-makes you, there is greater joy and desire to share the wonderful news of God’s lovingkindness with others.”

You can also sign up to have a mentor to guide you through the study:

“Mentored Sonship is a great way to learn, grow, and be impacted by the gospel; it teaches you how to retain the gospel deep in your heart and not just in your mind. Each participant or couple is assigned a personal discipler. The method is life-to-life discipling that applies the Good News to real life. Our trained disciplers are not detached “experts” but individuals who struggle to believe in many of the same areas as their disciples.

“How Does it work? Our Mentored Sonship program takes about eight months to complete. Every two weeks, you will listen to a lecture from the Sonship course and complete the assigned homework. Then simply e-mail or fax your homework assignments and call your WHM discipler at an agreed-upon time. Calls are made every two weeks; each call lasts 50 minutes.”

Gospel Transformation

“Learn continual renewal. Gospel Transformation is a 36-lesson inductive study focusing on what matters most – our ongoing need for the transforming power of the gospel. Intended for use in small groups or personal study, Gospel Transformation goes straight to the heart, exploring such issues as: justification, repentance, forgiveness, compassion, and much more.”

Course Material: On these websites, you can download the table of contents, a lesson, and buy course materials through the WHM bookstore.