Jesus Loves Me This I Know

It’s Christmas, and we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. But do we also keep vivid in our minds, the baby Jesus becomes the adult Jesus? God and Man, who lived a rich life here on earth interacting with real people in person as their Savior? He is also our powerful Savior, Christ Jesus, God the Son sent by God the Father, born to die on the cross in our place. He is everything to us, do we realize this?

At Christmas we also think of Jesus’ mother Mary. She was a woman of great faith. More than 32 years after His birth, on the cross, her grown-up son speaks His final words which include asking the apostle John to care for her.  On the morning of Easter, it is two women who are remembered forever as the first people to learn that He is Risen.

During his life Jesus Christ ministered to women in a very personal, life-changing way. In the oppressive culture of his time, Jesus related to women in a way that gave them true hope, protection, respect, honor, and love. He included them when he taught, he stood up for them, he took away their shame, he rescued them from death. He can do the same for us. Do you really know Him?

I love to read about how Jesus related to women. Real women, with real needs.

They marveled that He was talking with a woman…John 4:27

When Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman at the well, the disciples were shocked. After all, the Samaritans and Jews were enemies. And this particular woman was not a “good” Samaritan… she had a colorful past. Not to mention that men didn’t just strike up conversations with women.

You see, from the disciples’ perspective, the Samaritan woman could not be the harvest that Jesus had told them about. She was the wrong person. It was the wrong place. It wasn’t the right time.

And yet, Jesus’ only concern was for this woman’s real need, a need that went beyond physical thirst. He could see that all of her sin had not satisfied her deepest longings and needs.

So Jesus told her about another kind of water… living water. And her spiritual eyes were opened! She saw that this was no ordinary rabbi. This was the Messiah, her Deliverer and Savior!

–From A Daily Word From Pastor Graham, PowerPoint Ministries

Aren’t we tempted in our hearts to have elicit affairs? We all do, worshiping our true loves like wealth, popularity, romance, career, perfect health. One thing after the other, we think these idols of the heart will satisfy our deepest longings.  We yearn after them, instead of the Lord God who in Himself provides all of our needs.

The book of Hosea in the Bible is about a wife who is repeatedly unfaithful, and her husband the prophet Hosea who continues to forgive her, love her, provide for her, take her in, care for her. The book paints the picture of our Loving Husband, the Lord Himself who takes us as His bride and who is faithful to us no matter what, and forgives us, and takes us back into His arms. What unconditional love and care.

This season, let’s remember who Jesus really is.

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