Peer Support Helps

Need Someone Who Understands What You’re Going Through?

Peer Support Specialists – Who they are and what they do

Peer Support Specialists are credentialed para-professionals trained in principles to aid people in beginning or returning to a personal plan and path of recovery. Peer Specialist training, now being provided in many states through mental health initiatives, centers around concepts and tools that can be used to encourage and support another person (a peer) in their own recovery. The principles are easily adapted to recovery from mental illness, physical illness, trauma, etc.

Ways that Peer Specialists may come alongside and help another person in their recovery include:

  • Sharing their own recovery story
  • Leading support groups
  • Coaching or mentoring
  • Facilitating Recovery Dialogue groups
  • Accompanying the person to appointments or events
  • Teaching workshops or classes, giving presentations
  • Encouraging individuals and providing peer counseling

Tools that Peer Support Specialists teach or use include:

  • Environments that support recovery
  • Beliefs and values that support recovery
  • Relationships that promote recovery
  • Creating the life one wants
  • Accomplishing one’s recovery goals
  • Facing one’s fears or doubts
  • Problem solving using “PICBA”
  • Dissatisfaction as an avenue for change

For more information about Peer Support Specialists and the services that LifeStories can provide, contact us via our Contact page. See also these websites:

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…a Peer Specialists is a HELPER:

H: Has a servant’s heart

E: Encourages and empowers

L: Leads by example

P: Promotes principles of wellness

E: Educates others

R: Responds to other’s needs