How Many Chapters and Verses are in the Bible

Just for fun: has posted a chart with the number of chapters and verses in the Bible, click here. Why is this useful? Here is what Deaf Missions has to say:

So what’s the point?

In other words, now that you have this information, what in the blue earth are you supposed to DO with it?
I leave that to you. Some suggestions are:

  1. Use it as a resource for quick facts in an article or sermon or devotion or children’s book or made-for-television drama, etc.
  2. Use it as a launching point for word studies, etc. For example, if you want to figure out the percentage of verses that include the word “faith” in the New Testament, you could simply grab your trusty concordance and count up the number of verses that include “faith”. Then you would just need to divide it into the number of verses in the NT, which is already conveniently counted out for you here! Yay!
  3. Use it for projects that require a knowledge of how many verses are in a specified portion of the Bible. For example, if you are paying a team of translators by the number of verses they translate, you can use this information to project your estimated costs from the beginning of the project, rather than having it sprung on you at the end. (This also helps the translators to know if they will need to take up a second job to make ends meet during the project.)
  4. Impress your friends by quoting these statistics to them. Of course, I might suggest a more USEFUL way to impress your friends: read the Bible and quote that to your friends, rather than just quoting statistics about the Bible.

These are just some suggestions. Of course, the possibilities are limitless, and if you think about it long enough, you’re sure to come up with some ideas of your own.

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