Christ is Our Savior!

Hope for women of all ages…who long to be rescued

This website was inspired by a woman I know who is trying to be faithful to the Lord amidst a situation that is hard. What can give her hope, on a regular basis, that will sustain her? The words of God, living and active, written to us for times like this, can sink into the deepest places of our hearts and minds. A good portion of what you will find here are thoughts, verses, quotes or prayers that may bring encouragement. As women of all ages, we can be bound up in various ways and struggling to be free, in serious situations or crushing circumstances, in battles against challenging obstacles or brewing discontent, or simply in the tangles of irritating bad habits hard to break. On our own, we very well may find it difficult if not impossible to barely escape, much less achieve victory. Or we may try and fail because we just don’t know how. But for those who seek Him, the Lord provides the way–rescue, justice, hope, encouragement, strength, new life…He is Our Savior.

We All Need a Savior

All of us, as women, need a Savior–maybe to free us from disappointments, despair, addictions, idols, unwise choices, broken hearts, bad moods, or just a bad day. Even if you are not a “religious” woman, there may be something here that is beautiful to you; please feel welcome to read and comment. You may have heard it said before, there is nothing like having a relationship with Christ Jesus. It is only by the grace of God and His gift of faith that any of us do. Hopefully, this will be a tiny glimpse of all that this glorious, everlasting relationship could possibly be, as we read and share with each other what it means to have a loving Savior. This is just my simple, humble effort. That woman I mentioned knowing is me, and I need to read the words in this site more than anyone!

The Power of God’s Word

The Bible details the incredible love story that God has written to us about our Savior and God’s great eternal plan. The Word of God is living and active! It is complete and effective, always producing results by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Bible contains everything we need for life, and how to live it in a Godly way. In the right column here, every day you can find a Daily Devotional for morning and evening, from the classic “Daily Light on the Daily Path” by Samuel Bagster. Every Sunday you will find a new Weekly Memory Verse covering major doctrines of the Christian faith posted to the right. When we know and believe in the Truth, contained in God’s Word and in the person of Jesus Christ, we will be set free. The Word of our God is timeless, powerful, wonderful, incredible! and it will stand forever.

Thank you for visiting!

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